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Should We Be Screen Savers?

—or limit them drastically for kids? Research is starting to indicate that excessive screen time makes kids less empathetic and focused. The eye movements involved in scrolling may connect in…

Virtual Volunteers – How to Involve Volunteers Remotely

How to make the most of volunteers who love your people, but need to stay home, or have transportation issues? According to VolunteerNow (, only 2% of organizations say that…


Emerging adults are people developing self-definitions.  Over the last thirty years, this process has been examined by surveying emerging adults as to whether they identify themselves as adult rather than…

The Gifts of the Child Christ

by George MacDonald, read by Abigail Broeke CS Lewis admired George MacDonald’s stories, so we’re sharing a Christmas tale that reads like a candle in a dark room.  As we…

Beauty will Save Our Children

You may have heard the mysterious statement of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn that “Beauty will save the world.”  I wonder if it can save our kids. Plato said, “Teach the child early…


No matter your age or stage, whether you’re growing or growing old, you wonder at, fume at, or love someone in another generation.  It might be workplace issues, raising kids, or caring for an elder–We’re here to bring understanding, solutions, empathy, and a little fun to intergenerational relationships.

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